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Recent Projects

Organize My Events (Website)

Custom PHP website

Pink Owl Trinkets (Website)

Classic ASP, Responsive design

DIY Marketspace (Website)

Classic ASP, Responsive design

Ladybugfeet Jewelry Designs (Website)


The Ding Company (Website)

Classic ASP, Responsive design

Available Now (Website)

Classic ASP, Responsive Design

Yankee Desi (Website)

Classic ASP, Responsive design

About Me

I am a PMP certified freelance project manager/business analyst with 14 years of experience and have a background in web development. I have a masters degree computer applications. I live in Cranford, New Jersey with my husband and 5 year old twins, a son and a daughter. I am a work-at-home mom, love creating websites and playing with my kids :)


"Swagata is a phenomenal resource and a joy to work with. I've have worked with Swagata several times over the past 18 months and have been very pleased with the quality of work and the rapport we have built. I highly recommend this resource."
- Sheldon Pantin

"Friendly, helpful, responsive and very, very good. Just what you need when you are working on a project you don't really understand! Swagata went out of her way to help and delivered extra service when I was faced with a problem."
- James McRoy

"Her code looks like a poem; Very organized, very good communication. she makes sure to understand the requirements ahead of time. I will definitely work with her again"
- Yakup Akcora


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